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  • About Us

    Stonking Websites is a customer-oriented design company. Our goal is to help businesses tap into the vast potential of the World Wide Web and other marketing technology at an affordable cost, improving the relationship with their customers through effective communication delivered via Multimedia and the Web.

    But why Stonking?
    Impressive, wonderful, fantastic! Massive, huge (
    Excellent, very impressive (
    Impressively large, exciting (
    "used for emphasizing how big or how good something is" (

    We simply take it as our mantra to always do the very best to help our clients succeed.

    The sky's not the limit, it's just the beginning...

  • Website Design

    Your web design is the face of your online business. It has the ability to speak directly to your target audience, providing information exactly as they need it and an experience that convinces them to do business with you.

    We work hard to ensure the design of your website is not only a perfect representation of your company, but also a very effective marketing tool. However, effective Web Design isn't just about the design: a stonking look brings out the best in your brand and attracts your target audience which is essential, but there is more behind good design than just the colours, typography and visual elements. We'll get the technology right too and ensure that it really does do the business ...on all levels!

    Your site may be an 'all the bells and whistles' major-player and cost thousands to put together, or it could be something more suited to a start-up budget. But whatever the budget Stonking Websites delivers the same level of professionalism to every job.

  • Web Re-Design

    You may already have a presence in the World Wide Web, but does your website match up to the branding and identity of your business?

    As business evolves over time it is important to have a website that continues to match the image you wish to convey to your customers and to ensure that site visitors find the information they are seeking in a stylish, useable and logical design.

    When a re-design becomes necessary we can either work with your existing site or produce a totally new design that matches the current needs of your business and has the capacity to grow with you and be capable of future expansion... and when undertaking a Web Re-Design it is also essential to embrace revising the content for better SEO, adding new features, revamping functional components and ensuring no broken links.

    A good start would be for us carry out an evaluation of your existing site.

  • Online Shops

    Sell Your Products on the Web!

    Increasingly the way we trade is on the Internet using virtual shopping carts, with online credit card payments being more and more utilized by today's tech-savvy generations. This points to the new direction in commerce: E-commerce.

    The ever-increasing pace at which ecommerce solutions are serving businesses worldwide is evident. To compete in today's market, businesses need a dynamic web design and web development company behind them. We serve diverse organizations with exclusive ecommerce website design and custom software development and have the experience and knowledge needed to help you take full advantage of ecommerce. Our custom carts - that search engines so love - are the ones your customers will love too!

    Whether you need a simple PayPal shop or a full blown Shopping Mall solution, we have tried and tested options to do the business for you!

  • Content Management Systems

    The Power To Self-Manage Your Own Website...

    If you run any size of business, selling a product or offering a service, you will benefit from a website that moves as fast as you do. Self-managed sites are available for all types of business today. Our Content Management Systems have been developing for over 10 years, long before CMS became a buzz word.

    Today we can offer the right type and size of CMS to suit every need, but we don't just stop with putting a CMS into your site, we make sure that you are properly trained to get the best from your system and maintain your web presence with the very latest technology.

    If you've not yet experienced the benefits of a top class CMS behind your site, get in touch and we'll give you a demonstration version to test drive. We know you'll want to work with this technology once you've tried it.

  • Domains & Hosting

    Your website needs a dependable server that provides fast response times and delivers full reliability with minimum down-time or outages. To supply our clients with the most advanced solutions our hosting operation is located at Harbour Exchange in London Docklands, at the very heart of the UK's internet hub. It has state-of-the-art servers for performance by design, to give the foundation you need to succeed in the online world.

    Hosted with us your website will sit alongside some of the most powerful sites in the world and benefit from the same connectivity, designed to succeed. We always favour our own hosting for reliability and performance, though we are equally able to work with your existing hosting and will always strive to get the best from that too.

    However you obtain your Domain Registration is fine with us, but we'd always prefer to handle the registration for you to ensure your domain is registered correctly and with you as it's true owner, not the agent you bought it through!

  • Web MicroSites

    A MicroSite can be an individual web page, or cluster of pages, designed to function as a supplement to a primary website. The MicroSite's main landing page most likely has its own domain name or subdomain to highlight a individual product or brand name. This is very useful for niche marketing and can have benefits by focusing on specific keywords improving SEO score and therefore often lowering cost-per-click.

    Microsites are typically used to deliver specialised editorial or commercial information which may be linked to a main site or even completely separate and often used for a temporary purpose. The main distinction of a microsite versus its parent site is its purpose and specific cohesiveness compared to the Microsite's broader parent website.

    Microsites may be used for purely commercial purposes to create in-depth information on a particular product, service or for specialist support and our Property Microsites are proving very popular with Estate Agents looking to deliver higher quality additional information for their properties. See a sample Property Microsite

  • Media Creation

    A website is only as good as the material it contains and we work hard to ensure our websites have the best quality digital assets available.

    Video, audio, slideshows & galleries, photo manipulation, 3D and animation are important to many of the sites we work on and so when necessary we call on some of the best external producers in the business to complement our own specialist designers with production and post-production techniques that ensure your site has the most appropriate, appealing and effective content.

    Our broad digital media experience pays dividends as we are usually able to re-purpose and get great results from our clients' existing photo and media assets.

    ...and if you are a digital creator or producer looking to take your work seamlessly to the web we have solutions to help you too.

  • Search Engineering

    Google says:
    "Don't fill your page with lists of keywords, attempt to "cloak" pages, or put up "crawler only" pages. If your site contains pages, links, or text that you don't intend visitors to see, Google considers those links and pages deceptive and may ignore your site.

    Don't feel obligated to purchase a search engine optimization service. Some companies claim to "guarantee" high ranking for your site in Google's search results. While legitimate consulting firms can improve your site's flow and content, others employ deceptive tactics in an attempt to fool search engines. Be careful; if your domain is affiliated with one of these deceptive services, it could be banned from our index."

    We Say:
    We totally agree with what Google says and know that with ethical SEO techniques we can improve a site's rankings. Make contact soon and let's look at what we can do to help you gain more business.

  • Consultancy & Client Training

    Our client-centred approach to design for digital media is focused on helping clients identify, target and address the digital and online needs of their business. As broad spectrum Internet Strategists we bring to your project a wealth of experience from our 18 year history as seasoned internet industry veterans.

    We offer a full range of Consultancy and Training services to ensure that you and your staff are well briefed with the right tools at your disposal to get the best advantage of all that the web and online media can deliver.

    Why not call and discuss your own project.

  • Website Evaluations

    Are you wondering if your products and services are easy for your target audience to find on your website and questioning whether something can be changed on your site to help more people find what your company has to offer? Stonking Websites can find the important answers and more with a Website Usability Evaluation.

    Do you want higher generic keyword ranking in Search Engines, is your website not receiving enough traffic or has it dropped out of sight in Google? Then maybe you want a SEO Analysis for optimum ranking.

    Are technical, design or hosting flaws keeping you lagging behind your competition? Our website evaluation services provide an in-depth analysis of any established or developing website. A range of packages are available for all site evaluation purposes.

    ... and we can fully evaluate your competitors websites for you too!

  • Printable Version?

    Simply go to the usual 'Print' command in your browser and you'll get a printout of all the content text of this site in a handy readable format that uses only 3 sides of paper.

    In fact some of the site content is not printed, only the useful bits that you might want in a brief info sheet about us - you may notice that this page will be missing when you print. After all we don't want you to waste ink printing out unecessary bits.

    This method is worthwhile on this site to save you the trouble of needing to visit every page and print out a page at a time. Sometimes we prefer to use a PDF alternative instead, it all depends on what is best for each situation.

    ... just a small example demonstrating one of many techniques we regularly use to make websites more useable and more Stonking!

  • Contact Info

    Stonking Websites, PO Box 120, Kingsbridge, TQ7 9AU.  Phone: 01548 895569

    Stonking Websites, Brighton.  Phone: 01273 251030

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